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World Ayahuasca Conference 2019

AYA2019 will be more than a conference. It will be the largest event ever held about ayahuasca, one where our diverse community will come together to plant the seeds for a better future. 


When May 31 - June 2 2019
Where Girona, Spain

An inner search for a better world

The third World Ayahuasca Conference will explore how ayahuasca practices have impacts not only on individuals, but also on communities, societies, and this planet we call home.

The true potential offered by these sacred plants is in the possibility of transforming individual and community healing into service for the world. AYA2019 will unite us around a common vision – to build a sustainable future for plants, people and the planet.

Over the three-day conference and ancillary events, participants will connect with each other, engage in dialogue, listen to inspirational speakers, and enjoy art, food, and music together.

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